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Fiber helps you pull data from a growing list of apps.


Sources in Fiber represent connections to third-party APIs. Each source requires different configuration options depending on the API it connects to.

For example, the GitHub source requires an app ID and app secret, while the Stripe source requires an environment type and a secret key. You can find the

Accounts hold the credentials to third-party accounts and are always associated with a particular source.

Release Stages

Sources are released in stages, which are defined as follows:

  • Generally Available: Generally Available (GA) sources are stable and recommended for production use.
  • Beta: Beta sources are mostly stable, but may have minor bugs or inconsistencies. Beta sources are recommended for production use, but may require extra care and attention.
  • Alpha: Alpha sources are in the early stages of development. They are released to gather feedback from the community and to test the source in production environments.
Connectors in alpha may not be available within the Fiber Dashboard. If you want to use one, please reach out to our team.
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